Support and advice

Our Children and Young People's Advisor

Name: Eloise Heneghan

Things people like and admire about me

  • Empathy - I care about other people's feelings and try to understand them the best I can
  • Fun
  • Energic / bouncy
  • Thinks outside the box - my ideas are often alternative, but they work
  • Trustworthy

How best to support me

  • Please know I do things because I want to. I enjoy helping people.
  • I work better where manners are used
  • I don't like it when children and young people are treated with less respect than adults
  • I struggle when people are judgmental of others
  • I like to be liked
  • Let me know when I've done a good job - I like to be praised
  • Equally, let me know when I could do better -  I can only learn from my mistakes
  • Chocolate is a good incentive for me

What is important for me

  • Making sure I see things through to the end
  • My job and providing a good service
  • My family
  • Listening to music and attending live gigs
  • Clear communication and presentation
  • Ensuring I get to dance at least once a month (even if it's in my kitchen)