Support and advice

How we can help

Here at SENDIASS we know what you say is really important. We can help you to have your opinions heard and make sure that your voice is listened to!

These are the sorts of things we can help you to talk about:

  • A plan setting out all the support I will get
  • How I get on with others
  • What I want to achieve
  • Things that scare me
  • Hobbies and interests
  • What I find hard
  • How I learn

This information is really useful to know by the adults supporting you at school, in your community and at home. It means they will be able to work out the best ways to offer you support. It is often called "Person-Centred Planning".

Most young people with SEN and/or disabilities will have a plan of support in place for them, especially at school. It's important for you to know what this plan says, and that you feel it is the right sort of plan for you.