Yahya - Henley campus City College


In year 11  I was attending Sherbourne Fields school. I was 16 and I wanted to leave really badly but I had a discussion with my parents and we decided that I should stay on. I stayed there for another 3 years and left in year 14. Unfortunately, at that I did not pass my exam and only obtained 1 qualification in I.T. I feel that I did not do as well because I was not enjoying the experience.

The courses were at Sherbourne were picked for me and I didn’t really want to do them.

In my final year at Sherbourne I spoke to my careers adviser and they advised me to look at a number of colleges Henley College, Hereward and City. I visited all 3 and decided that Henley was the one for me as it felt like it was easy for me to get around.

I began at Henley on an Engineering course but it didn’t work out due to not being able to work with some of the equipment due to my physical ability. Frances Gibbons, who is the Learning Support and Safeguarding manager, spoke to me about transferring onto a suitable course. I decided to join the Media LV1 course. I passed this course and then moved on to the I.T LV2 course. I passed this the following year with MM. This enabled me to join the LV3 Extended Diploma Course in I.T. Last year I passed the first year with flying colours. I am now on the 2nd year of this course. I am currently going through the process of applying for University and I would hope to get on the Computer Security course at De Montfort in Leicester and then progress onto the post-graduate course in the same field.

I prefer college over school because I am treated like an adult. I feel that I have more freedom and independence here than when I was at school. For example, we are allowed to leave the premises here. People are more mature at college. The other students don’t care what your abilities are whether you are disabled or not.

I have found it easy to make friends here even though in my first year here I was scared that I would find it hard to make friends transitioning from special education to mainstream once again. The first couple of weeks were tough but I soon settled down. I had previously been in mainstream education at primary level but I was picked on and bullied. This was the main reason was I was scared about going into mainstream education again. At primary school I had no friends or no-one to talk to and I was a bit of a lone ranger. Luckily this hasn’t been the case here at college.

I can cope with the workload at college. I receive support in class but not in all of my lessons as I am learning to work independently now as well. This will help me when I go to university. I also access the workshop sessions and work independently at home as well.

I like to play football inside and outside of college as well as play magic gathering at break times. I also go to the college's Social Centre at dinner to play table tennis, pool and chess. I have a good laugh in there and I have made lots of mates in there too.

I am also learning to drive at the minute as well.

Learner support have helped in a number of ways whilst at college. They take notes for me in class. Sometimes they will scribe for me and help me through the process of getting things like a bus pass sorted or breaking down assignment briefs and looking at assignment schedules and helping with my workload.