Working in partnership with Hereward College

SEND IASS gave Hereward College a brief - to build a young peoples Website, to showcase the work that our young people with SEND do.

The lecturer's at Hereward College incorporated this Brief into the Level 2 and 3 ICT courses. 

This project took just over a year to complete.

Chris and Eloise from SEND IASS visited Hereward College around once a month to look at the work being done. The students from Hereward came up with various grapics and webpages here is an example of some of the work that was completed.

This project created a great partnership between Hereward College and SEND IASS it also gave the students at Hereward a real insight into the world of work, and how to follow a design brief set by a company. 

Here is some of the examples of the work that the students from Hereward developed for us, you will see that our mascot CHYP who features in our website was designed by a student incorporating our SEND IASS colours.